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Crystals are essential for anyone who's on a spiritual journey and voyage of self discovery. Than can help with connecting in with your higher self/guides/angels and more, but they're also essential for grounding/protection and enhancing your natural innate abilities,

Welcome to our Crystals page here at Metaphysical Dawning, you will find all things crystal orientated on this page from pendulums to pendants, and crystal balls to raw and tumbled stones, chakra crystals, grouding and protection crystals plus much more.

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Natural/Raw Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst Crystal is the crown chakra crystal and for good reason. Amethyst is used to aid connection with your higher self , spirit, guides and the higher planes.
Natural Small Selenite Wands
These small Selenite wands are perfect for carrying in your purse or wallet, they're a great cleansing crystal and ideal for removing blocks and negative energy
Set of Chakra Crystals for clearing, cleansing and balancing out your Chakras
Chakra Crystal Sets are used for cleansing, clearing and balancing out your chakras
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Chakra Crystal Set
Chakra Crystals for Cleansing and Balancing your Chakras
£5.99 £3.99
Chakra Bead Pendant
£6.99 £4.99
Crystal Pendants/Necklace
Various Crystal pendants come with an 18 inch Silver Chain
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