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All our items of jewelry are cast, purchased, handcrafted and tailored to your individual needs so if you're looking for something specific to help you along your spiritual path but don't see it here then get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for you.

Spiritual, Esoteric and Pagan Jewelry

Here you can find our unique and specially selected items of Jewelry that are all chosen and handcrafted to aid you on your spiritual journey, whether it be for protection, manifestation, good fortune, or to help you connect with your guides, angels, god/goddess forms entities or spirits we have got the ideal piece of jewelry for you.
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Chakra Bead Pendant
£6.99 £4.99
Crystal Pendants/Necklace
Various Crystal pendants come with an 18 inch Silver Chain
Celtic Jewelry
A selection of various Pagan & Celtic Pendants
Feng Shui Pendants
Runic Pentacle
This Runic Pentacle is as beautiful as it is practical worn for Protection and Manifestation
£9.99 £7.99
Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa Hand is primarily for Protection and especially for blocking and removing the Evil Eye/Curses and Spells cast upon you.
£7.99 £5.99
Moon & Pentacle Pendant
This pendant represents the three main phases of the moon with pentacle at the centre representing the full moon which is the best time to manifest and spell weave.
£9.99 £7.99
Angel Pendant & Chain
This is a really pretty angel necklace helping to connect you with the angelic realm, energies.and vibrations
Diamonite Heart Necklace
This necklace would make an ideal gift for adults and children alike
Handcrafted Sigil & Bind Runes
These are Handcrafted Sigils and Bind Runes, the stones are sourced locally from along the North Wales Coast.
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